9 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2023 - Kleine-Brogel Air Base

The Belgian future, today

A show dedicated to the 'new generation' would not be complete without the future showpiece of the Belgian Air Force. The air force is always looking for new qualified people. As an inclusive employer, the Air Force values equal opportunities, and the following demonstration gives this point some extra shine.

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Patrouille de France

Air force operations are often complex, and everything must run smoothly. This is perhaps even more crucial when the pride of the nation rests on your shoulders. In order to convey the most positive image possible, thorough professionalism and cooperation are necessary components for success.

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Swedish Air Force Historic Flight

When talking about aviation, you immediately think of innovation, and the following two aircraft are two prime examples of fighter aircraft that were far ahead of their time and made young people dream of a career in the air force years ago. Both aircraft come from Sweden, a country with a long tradition of building aircraft for its own air force, primarily from manufacturer Saab, and perhaps surprisingly, remarkably innovative fighters for their time.

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Jobs @ Defence

Defense is recruiting - with hundreds of vacancies every year, Defense is one of the largest employers in the country! Check it out through this website
or via telephone number 0800 33348


For general information about the Belgian Air Force, consult the contactpage or contact us via email: 
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Fri 8 Sep: Spottersday!
Sat 9 Sep: Airshow
Sun 10 Sep: Airshow

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