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9 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2023 - Kleine-Brogel Air Base

Extra 330SC (Kristof Cloetens)

As a military fighter pilot, what do you do when you are regularly subjected to extreme G-forces while performing spectacular manoeuvres? In the case of Kristof Cloetens: seek out even more G-forces in your leisure time.

Kristof had long been fascinated by the precision required when performing aerobatics. In 2010, he was even part of the then Belgian Air Force "Hardship Red" demonstration team on Marchetti. On F-16 at Kleine-Brogel, first with the 349th Squadron and later as CO of the Operational Conversion Unit, the G-forces only increased. However, Kristof went in search of the superlative form, and found it in unlimited air acrobatics, where all manoeuvres must also be performed perfectly.

With the German-built Extra 330SC, Kristof flies an apex aerobatics aircraft. The aircraft can perform unthinkable manoeuvres, subjecting the pilot to G-forces of up to plus and minus 10 G in the process. Only the pilot's imagination is the limiting factor when the aircraft seems to defy the laws of physics. This passion for aerobatics not only helps Kristof train new fighter pilots, but also inspires and amazes spectators at airshows in Belgium and abroad.

Do not miss this master of the skies and visit the Belgian Air Force Days 2023 on 9 & 10 September in Kleine-Brogel. Maybe Kristof will also inspire you to join the new generation of airmen!

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Fri 8 Sep: Spottersday!
Sat 9 Sep: Airshow
Sun 10 Sep: Airshow

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