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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !

Supermarine Spitfire MkXVI

The Belgian air force has a long and proud tradition. While it only became an independent branch in 1946, military aviation in Belgium started as early as 1909. During the Second World War, two current-day Belgian squadrons originated within the Royal Air Force, 350 squadron, nowadays at Florennes, and 349 squadron, based at Kleine-Brogel since 1996.

During the war, both squadrons mainly flew their daring combat missions on ever more modern variants of the legendary Supermarine Spitfire. They also continued to use these beautiful machines well after the war, when the famous Spitfire became the backbone of the Belgian air force in its early days. The Spitfire MkXVI flown by Kris Van den Bergh pays tribute to the history of 349 squadron in the British Royal Air Force, wearing the characteristic ‘GE’-squadron markings proudly on its fuselage. In fact, his particular Spitfire was based at Kleine-Brogel early on in its career, though not as part of the Belgian air force, but rather as personal aircraft of Air Vice Marshal Sir James M. Robb.

With its beautiful Merlin-engine sound, combined with its graceful sleek lines, the gorgeous Spitfire is a star wherever it appears. Aviation entrepreneur Kris Van den Bergh has been flying it since 2018, when it came over to Belgium from Canada. Kris is also a patron of 349 squadron and so has a strong link with the base.

Come join us during the Belgian Air Force Days on 9 & 10 September at Kleine-Brogel and enjoy his display with this historic aircraft joining up with its modern-day counterparts, with a remarkable link to Kleine-Brogel going back 77 years! Don’t miss this unique tribute to Belgian aviation history and join the new generation!

Thanks for providing the Photos: Mathias Bijnens, Willy Lenaerts, Mario Jamers, Aviation PhotoCrew, Peter Van Loey, Geert Van de Put

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