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9 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2023 - Kleine-Brogel Air Base

Spanish Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon

Anyone working in the air force right now or in the future will surely encounter the Eurofighter Typhoon, part of the new generation of fighter aircraft in service with our European partners.
During the Belgian Air Force Days airshow, you too will be able to admire this aircraft during a spectacular solo demonstration by the Spanish Air Force.

Captain Juan Bengoechea Vara de Rey of Ala 14 based at Albacete will proudly demonstrate his fighter's exceptional power and exhilarating manoeuvrability. Moreover, his unit has a connection with Kleine-Brogel, since, like the 31st Squadron, they are part of the NATO Tiger Association, an association of squadrons with a tiger or big cat in their squadron crests, which gather annually to exchange experiences and practise complex missions.

The Typhoon is currently an important link within NATO, both for air defence and ground attack. Testament to this is the long list of operational missions the Spanish Typhoons have already carried out within NATO, such as Baltic Air Policing and the defence of Bulgarian airspace in spring 2022. The Typhoons is the result of an international partnership between Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain. Advanced avionics and a complex fly-by-wire flight control system will enable the pilot to fly a breathtaking show, while the roaring afterburners of the two Eurojet EJ200 turbofans will make the ground rumble beneath your feet.

Don't miss this hearty dose of jetnoise and "join the new generation" of the European Air Force at the Belgian Air Force Days at Kleine-Brogel on 9 & 10 September 2023.

Photo by Peter Steehouwer

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Fri 8 Sep: Spottersday!
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