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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !

Razzle Blades Demo

It goes without saying that the Belgian A-109 solo demonstration team “Razzle Blades” is one of the main stars at the Belgian Air Force Days. Captains Stijn Soenen and Jo Jacobs of 17th squadron at Beauvechain will proudly show off the maneuverability of their gorgeous Agusta A-109.

There is an interesting story behind the livery of the Razzle Blades. Nowadays, combat aircraft have a strong emphasis on stealth properties, where the enemy has difficulty observing the aircraft due to the use of special materials, shapes and suppression of the heat signature, for example. Nevertheless, never lose sight of the significant importance of an effective camouflage. The A-109's special colourful paint scheme is inspired by an old naval camouflage technique. Working with special painted shapes on the ship’s hull made it difficult for the enemy to determine the distance and direction of the ship, the so-called Razzle Dazzle camouflage, from which the Belgian Air Force's demo aircraft derives its name.

The Belgian A-109 helicopters entered service in 1992 and are now in the twilight of their operational career. The search for a suitable multipurpose successor is in full swing. Like the A-109, it must be able to operate in all weather conditions, be fast and maneuverable and be able to handle various tasks such as troop transport, medical evacuation and reconnaissance. That will be the helicopter that the 'new generation' will operate with.

In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful performance of the Razzle Blades team one final time, so be sure to visit the Belgian Air Force Days in Kleine-Brogel on 9 & 10 September 2023!

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