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9 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2023 - Kleine-Brogel Air Base

RAF Falcons parachute Display team

Cooperation between different components is of vital importance during military operations. A very visible example of this is the cooperation between the paratroopers of the land component and the crews of the A400M of the air component.

In Great Britain, the Royal Air Force conducts all military parachute training. The renowned RAF Falcons Parachute Display team are part of the Airborne Delivery Wing for the British Airborne Forces based at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. All team members are instructors who are constantly improving their skills to fine-tune their courses. However, their extensive experience also contributes to their wonderful demonstration.

During the performance they reach speeds of up to 190 kilometres per hour in free fall. Then, they open their agile canopies and the 10 paratroopers form a precise stack formation with barely 5 meters between team members, which splits into 2 parts at the command of the team leader and subsequently rejoins seamlessly during the descent, all colourfully accentuated with smoke pots allowing everyone to follow the show. At the end of the demonstration, they all land exactly at two predetermined positions, drop their parachutes and salute the audience.

Be amazed by the unrivalled precision with which they control their parachutes and meet these passionate instructors during the Belgian Air Force Days on 9 and 10 September 2023 in Kleine-Brogel.

Photos by Martin Gillet

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Fri 8 Sep: Spottersday!
Sat 9 Sep: Airshow
Sun 10 Sep: Airshow

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