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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !

CZE - W3A Sokol

Flying rescue missions is true teamwork. The heroic deeds of the helicopter crews appeal to everyone's imagination. During the demonstration of the W-3 Sokol of the Czech Air Force, the main role is clearly claimed by 2 crew members outside the cabin.

These Polish-built helicopters are used by the Czech Air Force for rescue missions in hard-to-reach areas and firefighting by the 243 squadron at Prague-Kbely and Plzen bases. This is where its speed and unexpected agility play a crucial role in achieving success. Add to that a crew with a touch of showmanship and you get an incredible demonstration of operational capabilities by this rare helicopter type in our part of the world. You'll hold your breath as the diver and medic swing beneath the helicopter as it speeds, twists and turns through the skies of Kleine-Brogel!

The W-3 is a medium-height helicopter that can also be armed for reconnaissance and observation missions. In some countries, this type is also used for ambulance and police tasks.

Don't miss this top helicopter demonstration and wonderful example of teamwork and visit the Belgian Air Force Days on 9 and 10 September 2023 at Kleine-Brogel. Teamwork will continue to be vital in the future. Tickets are available at www.belgianairforcedays.be . Join the new generation!


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