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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !

Spottersday - Vrijdag 8 Sep 2023

Op vrijdag 8 september is er een Spottersday Event voor fotografen en luchtvaartliefhebbers. Naast de uitgebreide Static Display zullen er op deze dag ook meerdere oefenvluchten plaatsvinden.

Doors open at 09h00
Activities start at 10h00
End is at 17h00

Parking B, GPS: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwlaan, 3990 Peer

In tegenstelling tot de airshow is dit Spottersday programma bedoeld voor een beperkt publiek van geïnteresseerden. Er zullen genoeg vliegtuigen te spotten zijn op de grond, er zullen enkele oefenvluchten plaatsvinden en daarnaast zullen er ook enkele vliegtuigen arriveren die deelnemen aan de airshow op zaterdag 9 en zondag 10 sep. Niet alle stands en tentoonstellingen zullen open zijn op vrijdag 8 sep. Als je een totaalbeleving wilt voor jong en oud, raden we je aan een ticket te kopen voor de airshow op zaterdag 9 of zondag 10 sep 2023.

Some highlights!

No exact Timings provided, updates or changes to the program can  occur at anytime, this page is just meant as a Teaser for announced partcipants. The detailed program will be available on the day itself and will be provided through a QR-code displayed across the showground

Download PDF

  Red Devils BAF Demo
09:00 ZEUS F-16 HE Demo
  F/A-18 Hornet CH (2x)  
  Saab Draken & Viggen  
  Tornado DE  
  F-16 POL  
  Tornado DE  
11:00 Thunder Tigers F-16x4 & FA095 Demo
  F-16 Fighting Falcon Dk  
  Eurofighter Typhoon ES Demo
12:00 F-16 Dream Viper BAF Demo
  Glider Luca Bertossi  
13:00 A109 Agusta  
  Saab Viggen Demo
  Saab Draken Demo
  F-16 Fighting Falcon Pt  
  NH90 Caiman DE  
  Xingu FR  
14:00 EC-120  
  F-35 Lightning II USAF  Demo
  A400M Atlas DE  
15:00 F-35 Lightning II NL (2x)  
  PA-28 Victors 4x  
  Patrouille Tranchant 4x Fouga Demo
16:00 A400M Atlas BE  
  T6 Texan Stijn De Jaeghere Demo
  Fouga Magister Demo
  NH90 Caiman NFH  

A400M Atlas

Belgian Air Force

Dornier 228 NXT

General Atomics AeroTec Systems

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Danish Air Force

F-35 mockup

Enter the cockpit!

F 16 cockpit entry

Belgian Air Force


Royal Belgian Air Cadets

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Royal Netherlands Air Force


Royal Netherlands Air Force

Falcon 7X

Belgian Air Force


German Army

A400M Atlas

German Air Force

Airbus H-145

German Air Force

F-35 Lightning II

Royal Netherlands Air Force


Spanish Air Force


Belgian Air Force

PC-7 Pilatus

Austrian Air Force


German Air Force

Yakovlev YAK-52

Private - Belgium

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Polish Air Force

Airbus EC-120 Calliope

French Air Force

A-109 Agusta

Belgian Air Force

Eurofighter Typhoon

German Air Force

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Portuguese Air Force

Marchetti SF-260

Belgian Air Force

Beechcraft D18S

Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight


Slovak Air Force

Embraer EMB-121 Xingu

French Air Force

Airbus H135 Juno

Royal AIr Force (UK)

Lockheed C-130

Portugese Air Force

Sikorsky CH-53 Stallion

German Air Force

Photos: Peter Steehouwer, Paul Johnson (Flightline UK); Henk Tito, Gert Trachez, Andrew Timmerman, Robin Mues, Belgian Air Force PR

Preparing for a Special Spottersday Event !

Security Update

Ticketing: For security reasons we kindly ask you to submit one order for each person to provide your personal data. Please show us your ID when entering the air base.

Entrance: At the entry points to the Spottersday, any bags will be inspected and MAY BE subject to refusal by security. Please reduce your backpack or bag to the strict necessary content to handle/carry your specific photographic hardware. All individuals are subject to search prior to entering the Air Base. Other backpacks, most bags, ice chests and coolers will NOT be permitted. Security concerns prevent any outside food or drinks being brought onto the base. It is recommended that spectators minimize the number and size of permitted items to reduce the inspection time prior to access into the show zone. Where possible, bring only what you can carry by hand.

Are you ready for take off?

A mix of modern technology interspersed with fun!!!

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Tel:(+32) 02 44 33298


Vr 8 Sep: Spottersday!
Za 9 Sep: Airshow
Zo 10 Sep: Airshow


supported by Bert B.
Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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