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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !

Attractions for visitors

Not only in the air but also on the ground!

All kinds of activities that also take place on the ground make for a brilliant day trip that will put a smile on the face of every member of the family.

Belgian Air Force Expo

With this exhibition, the Ministry of Defense wants to show the visitor how a modern Air Force
can protect the peace and security of our country and its inhabitants. Our
The Air Force is active both in Belgium and worldwide for your safety. In Belgium
a state-of-the-art radar center monitors the airspace around the clock. We keep
fighter aircraft ready to intervene if necessary when that airspace is violated
threatens to become. We save lives with our Search-and-Rescue helicopters.
Our transport aircraft support the deployment of our troops worldwide
foreign assignments or in the event of disasters. Our fighter planes and helicopters are ready
to intervene where necessary at the request of the government.

To carry out our tasks, the Air Component is looking for well-trained and qualified personnel
personnel to operate state-of-the-art aircraft, helicopters, drones and a host of others
maintain and operate weapon systems. Who of a career in the military
aviation dreams, find the information he or she is looking for here. In addition, the
visitors actually take a seat in one of the helicopters or in an F-16.

Visit the expo at the Airshow

The exhibition that takes the visitor along
behind the scenes of the air force of the future.

Our guides are ready for a guided visit. You can also freely visit the exhibition. Then you can contact our staff with all your questions.

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of the Air Force of today and tomorrow?
Are you a speed demon and do you get goosebumps from an F-16 that tears through the airspace at great speed? Can't get enough of Tom Cruise and Top Gun?
Would you like to sit in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter yourself?

Maybe you are passionate about technology and want to know how the air force of the future will use the latest technological developments and augmented reality?


Activities for all ages

For the little ones, for the bigger children, for the daredevils, for everyone (without fear of heights)

  • Climbing wall Defence

  • Kids bouncing castles

  • Cool Kids

  • Tightrope course

Catering & Food

You can fully enjoy classics such as fries and burgers. In addition, a variety of food for young and old, soft drinks, beers and non-alcoholic drinks

  • Ice creams and fruits

    Ice cream with various flavors, also popsicles and yogurt

  • Beers

    Various special beers, classic lager and also 0%

  • Dolci di Nonna

    Coffee bar with coffees and shakes

  • Pizzeria La Monte Carlo

    Delicious pizzas and pastas in various flavors.

Belgian Air Force Squadrons

349 Sqn, 31 Sqn, OCU Sqn, 1st Sqn,...

Trade Stands of our own Belgian Air Force and Defense, with sales items such as gadgets, posters, badges, scale models, books, ... are located in several parts of the show grounds.

  • 349 Squadron

    Sinds haar ontstaan draagt het Squadron de beroemde Fighter Spirit (La Chasse!) hoog in het vaandel en zorgt ze ervoor dat deze wordt overgedragen van generatie op generatie 349'ers.

  • 31 Tiger Squadron

    Het Tiger Squadron dat het hoogste niveau van operationele paraatheid demonstreert, dat uitblinkt in uitvoering en zeker niet onbelangrijk de beste TIGER SPIRIT uitdraagt.

  • OCU Squadron

    “Semper Vulture”, de hoofdopdracht: onze nieuwe piloten opleiden tot een jong-ervaren element voor 1 van de 4 operationele smaldelen

  • 1st Squadron

    "Stingers" - Als het enige operationele squadron van België dat nog in actieve dienst is met wortels die teruggaan tot de Eerste Wereldoorlog, houden ze trots de tradities en strijdlust van onze luchtmacht hoog.

  • Vrieske Viper Demo

    Er is één F-16 die ook een andere missie heeft dan enkel het luchtruim bewaken, verkennings -en gevechtsvluchten uitvoeren: de Dream Viper. Deze wordt door zijn piloot elke dag opnieuw tot het uiterste gepusht.

A selection of the activities and trade stands

  • Flying Dutchman


    Aviation merchandise, Caps, T-shirts, bags, patches, seats

  • Societé Timing

    Spelletjes, T-shirts, zonnebrillen, plooistoeltjes,petjes, verrekijkers

  • Remove Before Flight (RBF)


    Aviation related gadgets

  • Lupa Aircraft Models


    Aircraft models

  • Dump & zo


    Luchtvaartartikelen en dumpwaren modelbouw

  • Sturmtiger modelbouw


    Modelbouw en miniaturen

  • Time2give


    Aviation and military goods

  • The Aviation Store


    Aviation souvenirs

  • Promo Sapiens NV


    Promoting Camera’s and lenses / Sales Filters, camerabags and tripods

  • Steffen Design


    Aviation accesories, T-shirts, Caps, watches,….

  • Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES


    Non Profit -> Education



    Non Commercial - Government -Radio Licence

  • Variphone International


    Hearing Protection

  • Milispec International


    Smeermiddelen voor de luchtvaart- en defensie industrie,

  • Slovac Air Force Agency


    MIG-29 theme T-shirts, patches,posters,….

  • KNVOL (Onze Luchtmacht)


    Non Profit -> Leden werving



    Gadget Selling

  • Airbat srl / Flight Experience


    Simulator Experiences (small, single seat, cockpit size), badges, caps, coveralls

Are you ready for take off?

We present a total experience

A mix of modern technology interspersed with fun!!!

Jobs @ Defence

Defense is recruiting - with hundreds of vacancies every year, Defense is one of the largest employers in the country! Check it out through this website
or via telephone number 0800 33348


For general information about the Belgian Air Force, consult the contactpage or contact us via email: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


2026 Airshow

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