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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !

T-6 Texan - Safety Jogger

The Air Force naturally attaches great importance to reliable and sound equipment for all its employees. It is therefore no surprise that it also calls on Safety Jogger's Belgian quality wear. And surprise: Safety Jogger also manages a nice collection of classic aircraft!

Stijn De Jaeghere will present one of these aircraft in the air, a T-6 Texan. During this graceful performance, you will be able to properly admire the T-6's excellent handling characteristics. The aircraft did not steal the nickname 'pilotmaker' by any means. It was one of the main training aircraft of Allied pilots during World War II and it served numerous air forces afterwards, including in Belgium. Stijn's beautiful T-6 won the award for best restoration at Oshkosh, the world's largest airshow, in 2011. Also pay close attention to the distinctive rasping sound caused by the propeller tips exceeding the speed of sound.

In his professional life, Stijn operates a leading home nursing company. From there, he is known in the airshow world as the Flying Nurse.
Don't miss the demonstration of this magnificent classic, on which many young air force pilots gained their first flying experience in the past. Visit the Belgian Air Force Days 2023 on 9 & 10 September at Kleine-Brogel for this and countless other top acts from home and abroad. Join the new generation!

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