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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !


Commentator Chris Christiaens

Chris started his training as a military pilot in 1976. He started his career as an operational pilot in the 31st Tiger Squadron at Kleine-Brogel on the F104G Starfighter and later on the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Chris then became an instructor on the T-37 Tweet at Sheppard AFB Texas, afterwards on the Alpha-Jet at St-Truiden and finally finishing his career on transport aircraft, Falcon 20, at Melsbroek.

Following his father’s footsteps, the pioneer of the air show commentary in Belgium since 1960, Chris became the regular commentator for the Belgian Air Force in 1995. (After years as commentator for the air show at Koksijde, they even called him the 'Voice of Koksijde').

For several years, he is also providing the commentary at other air shows, such as at Sanicole and Deurne.

Commentator Indira Thackorie

Indira is thrilled to again be one of the voices at the Belgian Air Force Days! During her 25 years in the air show industry she has been a volunteer, a board member, President of the North East Council of Air Shows, a performer with the Canadian SkyHawks and a Snowbird!

She is a Major in the Canadian Army and has enjoyed being an air show announcer for the last 14 years; currently she is deployed with the United Nations in Cyprus.

Commentator Lucas Van den Eynde

Actor Lucas Van den Eynde is not only 'enthusiastic' on stage or on television; he is also an enthusiastic glider- and motorpilot in his spare time. At the age of 26, he did his first flight with a glider at the Flemish Gliding Academy and since then, his love for flying has only grown. For him, flying is a perfect blend of poetry, technique and amazement.

He is also the godfather of the formation team 'The Victors' who will celebrate their 20th anniversary next year. For the TV footage of the first season of 'Windkracht 10, he landed with the Tigers of 31 Squadron at KLeine-Brogel where he played F-16 pilot Claude (see photo). ''I would certainly like to play that role again but preferably in a flying F-16,'' he jokes.

Sponsors en Partners
Met trots stellen wij de belangrijkste partners van de Belgian Air Force Days voor. Hun niet-aflatende steun aan ons evenement stelt ons in staat om ons prachtspektakel te organiseren

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Fri 8 Sep: Spottersday!
Sat 9 Sep: Airshow
Sun 10 Sep: Airshow

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