8 & 9 Sep '18 Kleine-Brogel Air Base


Introduction Ops

OSN 2018

Dear Crew member,

First off: a warm welcome to Kleine-Brogel Airbase from the entire Ops team!
It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome you amongst us and we sincerely thank you beforehand for your participation and your effort to make the Belgian Air Force days - edition 2018 – a great success.

Let us help you help us making this event something worth to remember for the participants and the visitors. Together, we are facing some serious challenges to coordinate a seamless static show and airshow. A vast number of diverse elements like transport, weather, airspace, timing constraints, aircraft servicing, ATC, etc. can prove quite a challenge during this event. But we are convinced that your professionalism and proactivity will help us tackle all challenges ahead of us.

We are counting on your knowledge, spirit and style to represent your country, Air Force and/or organization in the best possible way, and we will do everything from our side to make you shine as bright as possible.

Once again, a warm welcome and let’s make this event a safe and spectacular highlight!
Do not hesitate to contact me or my team for additional information and see you in September ... 


Lt-Col Nico Claessens , ir SBH - OPS Wing Commander AFB Kleine-Brogel / 10 W Tac – Vlieggroep

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